Nourish Retreats

Nourish is a new concept in retreats, incorporating the chance to rest, replenish and restore not just your body, but your mind and spirit too. Enjoy stunning locations, gorgeous food, fabulous facilitators and instructors, regaining your joie de vivre with the best mindset gurus, plus 1-2-1 nutrition consultations or blissful treatments.

There’s so much to choose from: foraging walks, juice and smoothie masterclasses, vibrational medicine intros, cooking demos, yoga classes, meditation sessions, expert input on redressing stress, concocting aromatherapy creams, blending bespoke remedies, and more, while breathing fresh air and sinking into beautiful surroundings.

You choose how much, or little, you do. Our mission is to give you the ultimate holistic infusion of nourishment, knowledge and experiences, with plenty of time to just be.

Choose from 4 different Nourish breaks, each with a different emphasis:

Nourish Renewal

The reboot… this retreat gives you the opportunity to learn about (and make) healthy food; experience vibrational medicine techniques; have a mental makeover; exercise with an optional daily yoga class (or just wander the grounds!); and unleash your creative side with afternoon workshops in subjects like cooking, flower remedies, and aromatherapy.

Nourish Health

A more intensely health and fitness-orientated experience, with the focus on food, nutrition, exercise, and psychological techniques to overcome obstacles to gaining, and maintaining, vibrant health.

Nourish Recovery

A specialist retreat for those living with, or recovering from, cancer, with facilitators who have personal experience of conquering it! This relaxing, nurturing break is designed to allow guests to learn about food and nutrition, complementary therapies, exercise, creative pursuits and mindset techniques, as well as take time out in spectacular surroundings.

Nourish Soul

A retreat orientated towards more spiritual disciplines, for those who’d like to deepen their knowledge, be introduced to a variety of spiritual practices, or relax in a mentally and emotionally nurturing cocoon for a few days of gentle bliss!

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Look out for our special guest days featuring world-renowned experts on the link between mind and body, and how to get a grip on both!